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If you are like most women that I talk to, you are probably confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by all the information out there about preventing or healing Breast Cancer Naturally. Read about Proactive Patty, Healing Hannah or Surviving Suzy and see which one you resonate with.

Proactive Patty

If you are looking to experience vibrant health and want to do everything you can to prevent Breast Cancer, you are like Proactive Patty.

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Surviving Suzy

We can’t forget about Surviving Suzy. You have gone the traditional route and have successfully overcome the treatments and you are a “survivor” and a “thriver”.

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Healing Hannah

You may be like Healing Hannah. You are in the early stages of your Breast Cancer journey, but you want to heal your body with non-toxic, gentle methods.

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Truly Life Changing

What a joy it is to share that God has blessed me with success in my breast cancer journey! After using the Breast Cancer Conqueror Protocol for four years, I reached the goal Dr. V. set for me. The discipline it required was lovingly guided by her counsel and by her encouraging words. As she says, “The journey is a marathon, not a sprint.” To all of us on a healing journey, keep up the efforts, the goal is reachable. Praise God!

Katherine W

Katherine W.

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer with 9 out of 10 lymph nodes involved.

I followed The 7 Essentials program and worked closely with my coach. Last February I learned that I am now “cancer free!”
It will change your life – It is not easy. It will test you.
It is life changing – you will be a different, a better, a healthier
and a stronger person for the rest of your life.”
Gwen T. (80 years young) and “HOPE”, our BCC mascot.

Gwen T

Gwen T.

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