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| Nov, 29 2019


Gabrielle R

The 7 Essentials literally saved my life. All of them are so vital, but it was Essential #4 “Heal Your Emotional Wounds” that provided the mindset for the other essentials to work.

I learned that my perception of how I chose to see the world was fluid and changing it from resentment, blame, and anger to looking at the experiences life presented through the filters of self-responsibility, love, compassion, and joy gave me foundation for healing and creating a different life story.
Once I realized that what I focused on was what I experienced, I then chose joy over fear, anxiety, and worry.
I chose to reduce stress by starting to paint and take time for the things I loved. My job became effortless, the cancer is gone, and my days are filled with an awareness that I create my peace of mind with my thoughts, which in turn created a healthy, harmonious body.

I am so grateful for this journey which turned my life around and for the guiding light of Dr. V and her coaches.