What is Recall Healing?

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Essential #4: Heal the Emotional Hurts | Aug, 30 2022

What is Recall Healing?

recall healing

recall healing

Unhealed trauma played a part in my developing breast cancer, and I know it is the same for many of you. This is why Essential #4 is Heal Your Emotional Wounds. “Identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind the condition or behavior” is what Recall Healing is all about. It’s also a vital part of the healing breast cancer process.

Cancer and other dis-eases are symptoms telling your body that something is out of balance in your body and in your life. It could be cellular toxicity and damage, an unhealthy gut, chronic stress, hormonal challenges, or a combo of all the above tied to many other ways your body is hurting.  

Have you ever felt stressed out about something and noticed that your neck muscles or jaw felt tight? Has something ever caused an ache in your solar plexus? That is an example of your “e-motions” or “energy in motion” getting stuck. When energy is stuck, your whole body, including your immune system, can also get off course, leading to many physical health challenges. 

This minute, yep, right now, as you are reading this sentence, is your moment to recall your health back. Keep on reading to learn more about your emotional healing, and please take the time to focus on the Recall Healing “Letting Go” exercises at the end of this article. Below are just a few of the exercises, and please click here for the Letting Go Workbook. Your future self (mind, body, and soul) will thank you!


Psycho-neuro-immunology studies the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. All systems of your body, from organs to cells, are intricately connected. Therefore, your psychological state directly impacts the nervous and immune systems, which are supposed to protect you from physical illness. Emotional health is just as important as physical health because since it impacts your healing in a very significant way. 

A recent study: Psychoneuroimmunology and cancer: A decade of discovery, paradigm shifts, and methodological innovations, found evidence to suggest:

  • Unhealed stressful experiences (in both childhood and adulthood) and depression may lead to lower survival rates.

  • Women with breast cancer who reported feeling stressed and lonely also had abnormalities in their immune systems. 

  • There is a connection amongt women with breast cancer between depression, the quality of social support, and their immune cell activity. 

In summary, Recall Healing’s mission of “identifying and solving the emotional trauma behind the condition or behavior” is most certainly an important step within your healing process.

Recall Healing

Recall Healing integrates knowledge from several areas of medical specialization and recognized scientific studies.  By doing so, Recall Healing therapists use these concepts to shed understanding and light on the normal functioning of a person. Through this mind-body medicine modality, you will utilize life experiences, somatic awareness, and genealogy to address the underlying emotional roots for cancer-promoting healing. The graphic to the right is from Recall Healing’s website.

The Recall Healing Modality

This modality considers a human being a “triad”: psyche, automatic brain, and body. A disease/behavior is often the automatic brain’s response to stress that occurs in a person’s life. The goal of working with a Recall Healing specialist and workbooks is to help you “recall.” Understanding “why” you are ill is already a big part of the healing process. Once you have the “why,” your health care team can be much more effective in helping you heal from the root cause through a total mind-body transformation.

Recall Healing does not pretend to be a miracle cure. There is no such thing. However, when this work with Recall Healing is well done, “it helps the person to ‘shift’ toward a new viewpoint which contributes to optimizing the healing process.

Some of the themes that Recall Healing addresses:

recall healing

Recall Healing’s Letting Go Exercises

Below are a few Letting Go exercises. Please click here to download the full workbook.

Please remember this note from the workbook: “In all the emotional release techniques…It’s important to get in touch with the emotions you are experiencing which hurt you, cause anger, or whatever may be appearing. It’s really about these deep feelings….the experiences that cause shock and trauma in our lives and which we are still carrying out.”

Dr. Michelle Dawson

With a doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine and a certificate in Neuroemotional Technique and Neurolinguistic Programming, Dr. Dawson is a professor, private practitioner, and advisor of Recall Healing. I first learned about Recall Healing through Hope4Cancer and Dr. Tony. It was very interesting to go through a few sessions of Recall Healing. The cycles of life and pain repeat themselves until you can consciously bring them to the surface and learn to let them go. You will enjoy listening to Dr. Dawson on my podcast! Dr Michelle Podcast

As I always say: You have so many OPTIONS! Recall Healing is just one way to start healing your emotional wounds, but it isn’t the only way. A few other ways that I recommend are Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and inner child healing, meditation, trauma healing, and cancer personality trait healing

Your healing journey brings with it some challenges,  but I see your courage is bigger and stronger than you know. You DO have the capacity to heal from even the scariest of traumas. I believe in you, and so does your inner voice! Let it out—it’s time to shine!


  • This must be God answering prayers for what I should do next. I just recently listened to a different podcast featuring Dr. Dawson and Recall Healing. I will definitely listen to your podcast about this next. It’s time I start working on this part of my healing journey, although I feel like I know what/who could have contributed to developing cancer. I’m excited to learn more and let go.